XLR Analog Digital Audio Connection Kit

XLR Analog or Digital Audio Connection KIT

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⦿ Extend XLR Analog or Digital AES audio from the room back to the AV Closet UNCOMPRESSED ZERO-LAG
⦿ PATENTED SOLUTION transports long-range full quality uncompressed digital audio with absolute zero-bit-errors
⦿ Ideal to return TrueHD DTS THX DD+ or any format of audio from the room back to the AV receiver or Vice-versa ( is Bi-Directional )
⦿ Can install up to TWO PAIRS KIT per each irovf cable, for TWO INDEPENDENT full digital audio links back and forward to the room
⦿ Kit includes one set of adapters, each is 6 ft long, connects via wall plate or direct to the IROVF cable via the included couplers

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