USB Extender for gaming controllers

USB EXTENDER Zero-Lag Long-Range KIT

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⦿ PATENTED " Long-Range USB Extender Over Coax " to extend USB GAMING Controllers Keyboard Mouse up to 330 ft 100 m
⦿ ABSOLUTE ZERO-LAG cannot tell there is a USB extender between the controllers and the console or PC
⦿ INTEGRATED 4 PORTS HUB connects any USB 2/3 Controller, VR, Keyboard, Mouse, PADs, USB dongles, Drives, Audio, Cam, Printer
⦿ Works with ANY PlayStation, XBOX, Gaming PC - Can install the consoles in the AV closet and only the controllers in the game room
⦿ Connects to any IROVF Cable direct or via wall plate - Also works STAND-ALONE with any existing RG6 TV Cable in any room

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