4 Ports Gigabit Over 1 Fiber Network (1 pair)

4 Ports Internet On Fiber Optic Connection KIT

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⦿ 4 Ports Gigabit Internet over Fiber Switch - 2 SETS ( one pair ) - Connects Internet from the Main Router to the Room with ZERO-LAG
⦿ Connects In-Room Smart-TV, Gaming Console, Smart Home Hubs, Access Points or Computers via 4 RJ45 gigabit ports
⦿ Eliminates Lag, Buffering, Server Connection Lost, introduced by the WiFI when Gaming or watching Smart TV APPs
⦿ Add One set per each room to distribute Internet & LAN to all rooms - Daisy-Chain sets to the Main Router without extra switches
⦿ Connects to one plug of the 12 Fibers Tails KIT - Create separated networks such as KIDs-Safe networks adding more sets

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