75 ft 4K 8K HDMI 2.1 Extender - Turn Key Fiber Optic Cable for perfect uncompressed video & sound

READY TO CONNECT Full HDMI 2.1 Extender - No Extra Parts Needed! IROVF PRO is ready to connect all your 4K 8K Multimedia Entertainment without the need for any extra black boxes you always must purchase when you use old CAT5/6/7/8/ copper cables as extenders. With IROVF PRO you get the best real ultra speed fiber optic sound video controls, plug 'n play with no hidden costs, saving your Time & Money.
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Key Features:

⦿ RESOLVE ALL CAT5/6/7/8 Copper Cables ISSUES at once! (read below)

⦿ Multi-Fiber-Optic Ultra-Speed Full Connection Entertainment Cable

⦿ Perfect for Whole House Audio Video System

⦿ Best for any 4K 8K Home Theater System

⦿ Best for any 4K 8K Multimedia or Gaming Connection

⦿ Exceptional for any Commercial Application

⦿ Ultra Speed TV / Internet / Gaming via Integrated Fiber Ethernet

⦿ Conect Any 4K 8K Smart TV

⦿ Conect Any 4K 8K Projector

⦿ Conect Any AV Receiver Home Theater System

⦿ Conect Any 4K 120Hz 8K Gaming Console or PC

⦿ Conect Speakers / Sub Woofers / Smart Device

⦿ Connect IR Remote Controls

⦿ Can expand to connect USB Gaming Controllers

⦿ Can expand to connect Multiple HDMI 2.1 Also Bi-Directional

Key Benefits:

⦿ READY TO CONNECT - NO EXTRA PARTS NEEDED! IROVF PRO is ready to connect all your 4K 8K Multimedia Entertainment without the need for any extra black boxes otherwise you always must purchase when you use old CAT5/6/7/8/ copper cables as extenders. With IROVF PRO you get the best real ultra speed fiber optic sound video controls, plug 'n play with no hidden costs, saving your Time & Money.

⦿ Resolve All CAT5/6/7/8 Copper Cables Speed Limits, LAG, BUFFERING Issues. Modern 4K120Hz 8K TVs, Projectors, Gaming or Latest Home Theaters Systems Requires the new Ultra-Speed wiring to deliver the ultimate Dynamic-HDR & ATMOS sound @ 4k120Hz 8K - No Copper Can do.

⦿ WHY CATx Copper Cables CANNOT HANDLE IT Anymore. The Modern 4K 120Hz or 8K Smart TVs, Projectors, Gaming Consoles, VR, Home Theater Systems requires 48 gigabit per second wiring. The very best CAT-8 Copper Cable can do is 40 gigabit MAX, for short distances in very perfect shielded conditions, so when you use CAT5/6/7/8 copper cables, the sound and video quality "are squeezed compressed" like a JPEG computer picture to fit the copper cable limits, losing the whole purpose of having a new 4K120 or 8K Smart TV or Gaming or New Modern Home Theater Systems. Our IROVF PRO Entertainment Extender Cable Delivers ALL CONNECTIONS At Once, All Ultra Speed, All Uncompressed, Original 4:4:4 Vision Atmos Full Quality, with 2.4 TERABIT speed over its integrated multiple fiber optics. Just Pull One IROVF PRO cable per each TV / Room and it will deliver All needed connections and speed at once, without the need for any other additional converter or black boxes. Simple & Ultra-Speed Full Quality.

⦿ WHY CATx HDMI EXTENDERS LOSE ALL THE 4K 8K QUALITY. HDMI [email protected] requires 18 gigabit per second, and HDMI [email protected] requires 48 gigabit per second. So How does "any brand" extender handle to put 18 gigabit or 48 gigabit over a typical CAT6 or CAT7 copper cable which can do only 10 gigabit? HDMI EXTENDERS COMPRESS THE DATA and Lose all the original quality and HDR for a JPEG compressed version, to fit the old copper cables technology speed bottle-neck. Using any CATx based extenders of any brand, also the most expensive DSP ones, will never return the original full Dynamic HDR quality to the modern 4K 8K Smart TVs and Projectors, simply because the COPPER CAT-x does not have the needed bandwidth, and you lose all the quality... In The Copper CAT5/6/7/8 Cables.

⦿ IROVF PRO Delivers Where All Other Solutions Fails. IROVF PRO is the Next Generation Multi-Fiber-Optic Full Entertainment Connection Package Cable, Ideal One-Stop Solution to connect Any New 4K 8K Smart TV or Projectors or Home Theater New AV Receivers or Gaming Consolles such as PS5 XBOX-SX, with Full Uncompressed Zero-Buffering Zero-Lag Speeds on all signals, for perfect sound and video ORIGINAL QUALITY.Drop One IROVF-PRO Cable per each room for a perfect Whole-House smart-home AV Entertainment System and Save.

⦿ CL3 FT4 IN-WALL RATED IROVF PRO is Fire-Rated for any consumer commercial residential installations.IROVF-PRO Cable can be used anywhere, for any application.

⦿ Need Multiple HDMI 4K120/8K - Just Add More HDMI Plugs! IROVF Pro comes standard with one set of HDMI 2.1 FIBER PLUGS supporting full 48gbps link, long run true-uncompressed eARC, long run CEC, Dynamic-HDR, VRR, QMS, QFT ,ALLM, DSC, Full HDMI 2.1 Specs at full bandwidth uncompressed transmission. Our HDMI Plugs are removable and can be replaced plug 'n play in case of damage without removing the main cable. Multiple Independent HDMI 2.1 plugs/Links, ALSO BI-DIRECTIONAL HDMI 2.1, can be added on the same cable for any multi-screen, Sports-Bars Style, Man-Cave installation needs. Please contact us for a free quote for any special configuration.

⦿ No Special Configurations Needed - No Special Networks - No Extra Boxes - No Extra Hidden Costs! Simply Drop One IROVF PRO Cable per each Room, Plug it, Use it, it is this simple. IROVF PRO does not requires extra components nor rocket-science configurations, and perfectly integrates with any Smart Home automation or Matrix Units simply replacing the Bottle-Neck CAT-X copper extenders parts with Just One Cable That Does It All with no quality limits.

⦿ Eliminates NETWORK LAG & BUFFERING from Gaming & Streaming TV IROVF PRO comes with a full fiber-optic ultra-speed Quad Connections Network, to connect the Fiber Internet from the Home Router To the to the Room, Keeping the Fiber Optic Speed uncompromised. As a result, Smart TV streaming will not suffer of any Network Buffering very typical of CAT-X Copper cables and traditional network switches, as well On-Line Gaming ping will be without lag or sustained speed loss also typical of CAT-X copper cable system. With IROVF PRO, the entertainment is really ULTRA SPEED

⦿ IROVF Connects & Controls Everything At Once. With IROVF PRO any configuration, any connection, any functionality will be easier and fully functional as never before, thanks to the IROVF PRO fully featured ultra-speed connections, which never lose a bit.

⦿ SOFTWARE-UPGRADES PROOF - FUTURE PROOF. IROVF PRO does not suffer when the TV manufacturer or AV Receiver manufacturer, or Projector or Gaming Console UPGRADE THEIR SOFTWARE as the IROVF PRO is a FIBER CABLE that PASS ALL SIGNALS AS-IS without compression. On the Opposite, CAT-X Copper cable extenders black boxes convert the Audio Video TV signals to Fit the CAT-X Limited Bandwidth, and if the TV Upgrade changes any Bit or Data, these CAT-X Extenders might not be able to work correctly anymore, requiring to be changed or to do a one by one painful firmware upgrade. IROVF PRO makes your Entertainment ALWAYS ENTERTAINING, No Struggle, True Full Quality & Future Proof.

⦿ Connect SoundBars / SubWoofer / AUX Audios ANALOG OR DIGITAL Two independent Balanced/Unbalanced Analog or Digital capable plugs 3.5mm gold plated style for any stereo analog or digital up to 192khz audio, bi-directional. Ideal to send Audio to In-Room Sub Speakers or sound bars or return music from any in-room DJ system or Alexa / Google Home Smart Devices to play on ceiling speakers or the sound bar driven by the AV receiver. With IROVF PRO all extra connections are there, Future-Proof for any expansion.

⦿ IR or 232 Remote Controls One 3.5mm gold plated analog/digital shielded data bus wire for any uni-bi-directional remote controls such as universal infrared remote controls from the room to the AV Rack closet, or from Automation Systems to the Room. With IROVF PRO Any remote control system is compatible.

⦿ CEC That Works For Real IROVF PRO comes with a special integrated Long-Run enhanced CEC consumer electronic control link, that really works and discovers all the connected devices in the HDMI plus AV Receiver chain. Usually Most of the HDMI cables fail the CEC Discovery & Control after few feet, because the cheap/poor quality wire they use in their low cost fiber or copper design. With IROVF PRO your Smart TV remote will discover & Control All CEC capable Devices ELIMINATING the need of multiple remotes - Plug 'n Play Simple without programming.

⦿ USB For Gaming Controllers or KVM IROVF PRO can be added at any time with our USB-ZERO accessory which connects up to 4 USB devices to the other side of the cable such as RAZER or similar gaming controllers, keyboards, mouse, usb dongles. When used for gaming, our USB-ZERO kit will extend the USB controls through the IROVF PRO cable with ABSOLUTE ZERO-LAG the most talented Gamer could not complain about. There is NO-LAG. With IROVF PRO leave the computer or Console heat & noise in the AV Closet & Bring only the Fun in the Room.

⦿ Perfect ENTERTAINMENT ADD-ON PACKAGE for New Homes or Remodeling - Add to the wanted rooms. IROVF PRO is the perfect ultimate-technology add-on entertainment package to add to the wanted rooms on top of the classic wiring in new constructions or remodeling. These Entertainment-Upgraded Rooms might just have the IROVF PRO cable, avoiding multiple useless CAT-X cables replaced by one single integrated multi-signal multi-fiber-optics cable, robust, affordable, ready to go, for everyone, plug 'n play. Simply pull one IROVF PRO per each Room and Plug'n Play it, also using the accessory Wall Plates where wanted.


⦿ See Examples & more Details here below on this page:

irovf pro bundle included items

irovf pro includes 24 fiber optics
removable hdmi 2.1 fiber optic plugs
irovf pro 4 ports fiber optic gigabit ethernet switch
irovf pro tech specs

irovf pro package rear view

IROVF HDMI 4K 8K Fiber Optics Industry Recognitions:

Best Newest Entertainment Wiring Solution delivering Uncompressed Uncompromised quality!

irovf pro winner of best in show

Here's the AV Technology Judges quote on Fibercommand IROVF:

True uncompressed 8K experiences are achieved with fiber solutions. FIBERCOMMAND provides solutions to challenges integrators have struggled with for years as they look to transport a variety of signals within local environments

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