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40 ft IROVF XG 8K SmartTV  Gaming Cable HDMI Bundle

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40 FT 4K120 8K Cable for Smart TVs & Gaming

This HDMI 2.1 Multi-Extender Model Key Features:

⦿ Integrated Multi-Signal AV Cable Replaces multiple slow speed Copper Cat-x coax & HDMI cables for ultra speed performances

⦿ Simultaneous Connection of 48gbps HDMI 2.1 Video + Full Speed Ethernet + Digital Coax Cable + IR Blaster or 232 Remote Controls

⦿ Drop One per each room to connect Smart-TV - Projectors - Full Speed Internet - Digital Coax TV - Remote Controls - Gaming

⦿ Perfect to build Next-Gen AV RACK Home Theater Systems, Connect Long-Distance full HDMI 2.1 with eARC CEC D-HDR VISION ATMOS

⦿ Patented Removable HDMI 2.1 connectors to easy-pull through drywalls via the included braided sleeve. Attach to the old cable and pull

Description with Videos :

One Cable Does It All - HDMI 2.1

Connect Everything in Full HDMI 2.1 4K120 8K

New Patented All-In-One Fiber Optic Cable to connect everything at once with ZERO-LAG Full Speed. Replaces multiple old copper CATx cables to One Ultra Fiber cable that does it All with no limits. All Signals, All Connections, All at the same time, All in one uncompressed Ultra-Speed Cable

Install In Minutes

Perfect for In-Wall or Direct Connections

Fully In-Wall CL3 FT4 certified Ultra fiber optic cable, ready to go, easy to pull through any drywall using our Included Patented Braided Sleeve Wrap. The protective plastic inner wrap makes the cable dust paint water rain humidity-proof, ideal to install in construction sites and unwrap when ready to connect directly or through a keystones wallplate.

Patented Detachable HDMI 2.1

Safe Install - Upgrade In Future - Cable Stays!

Our Patented Exclusive system allows you to install the ultra fiber cable and then connect the HDMI plug, avoiding any risk to break anything. Should the HDMI connector get damaged for any reason, simply replace it without the need to pull a whole new cable. Our Patented solution makes it also possible to upgrade the plug to future HDMI resolution such as 12k or 16k or even higher, without the need to replace our ultra fiber IROVF cables in the wall which supports already 400 gigabits where only 48 are used for the full 8k today.

Patented Long-Run eARC

Perfect Movies & Gaming Sound on speakers

HDMI AUDIO RETURN CHANNEL send the sound back from the SMART TV or IPTV box or Gaming Console to the AV receiver to play on speakers. Most of the existing copper or fiber HDMI cables lose the ARC/eARC data quality after a few feet reducing the ATMOS to 5.1 or Stereo or no audio. So the whole quality is lost with a wrong cable. Our Patented LONG-RUN eARC system carries full uncompressed audio channels for the whole cable run with absolute full uncompressed ZERO-LAG audio quality, so an ATMOS sound stays full ATMOS.

Full-Speed ZERO-LAG Ethernet

Best 4K Internet TV, Gaming, VR, Like Never Before

The IROVF XG has an integrated professional Double-Shielded Ultra-Speed FTP Ethernet cable to connect any Smart TV or Gaming Console without losing data or speed in your Ethernet network. This eliminates the annoying LAN Network TV Buffering and PING degradation while gaming.

3.5mm Remote Control Plug

Control Hidden AV Equipment from the room

The IROVF XG comes with a Gold-Plated 3.5mm plug to connect any In-Room remote control device to the Hidden AV or Smart-Home devices, compatible with any IR blaster kit, the TV IR blaster port, the IR port on any AV receiver home theater system, XBOX and Playstation IR Controls or any RS232 command (each sold separately from our cable). Simple installation without the need for any other cable.


Bring Antenna, Cable, Satellite to your TV

The IROVF XG Gold Plated Coaxial plug can be used either for eARC or for classic TV signals such as digital cable or satellite or antennas through the included F-Type connector adapters. To use for TV signals simply connect the Gold Plated coax connector to the TV Coax Input and the coax signal sources. When Coax is used for TV signals, the HDMI 4K120 8K connector will still work perfectly except for the eARC feature.

Also Extra Audio Connections

Smart Devices - Bluetooth - SubWoofer

Our 3.5mm gold plated plug can be used either for remote controls or for extra Analog or SPDIF Digital audio send/receive to or from the room. Typical Extra audio applications include play on Room speakers from Smart Home devices such as ALEXA or Google Nest Home as well BlueTooth Audio Receiver to play music from Phones or tablet or DJ systems on the room AV Receiver speakers, or send speakers channels such as SubWoofer from the AV Receiver to the Room active speakers.

Connects 4K 8K TVs

Internet - HDMI 2.1 - IR Remote

The IROVF XG connects any 4K 8K Smart TV at once in Full HDMI 2.1 4K120 8K Standard, also Zero-Lag Ethernet for best quality playback while playing Netflix or similar online services, meeting the standard to play 4K movies in 4K HDR ATMOS where available without downgrading the quality due to LAN network loss.

Connects Latest Gaming

4K 120Hz - 8K - VRR - ALLM - QFT - QMS

Built for the Best TV & Gaming Entertainment our IROVF XG Ultra Fiber Cable Fully supports the most wanted Variable Refresh Rate (VRR), Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM), Quick Frame Transport (QFT), Quick Media Switching (QMS), as well the full HDMI 2.1 specs, up to the Full Cable Length without loss.

Connects 4K 8K AV Receivers

Full HDMI 2.1 - ARC/eARC - CEC - D HDR - IR Remote

The IROVF XG perfectly works with all the Newest HDMI 2.1 AV Receivers supporting all the Video and Audio formats up to the highest Dynamic HDR and Uncompressed Dolby ATMOS, with full bandwidth and speed for the very best and absolute performances for both TV and Gaming at all time.

Connects Latest 4K 8K Projectors

Bring Full CINEMA Quality at Home

The IROVF XG Ultra Fiber Cable perfectly connects any Home Cinema Projector to the AV Receiver or Gaming Console or Set Top Box up to the latest HDMI 2.1 Full Specs standard without losing a bit. There is no compression, no loss, no LAG, absolutely perfect for gaming or movies or TV, WITH THE ULTIMATE Variable Refresh Rate (VRR), Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM), Quick Frame Transport (QFT), Quick Media Switching (QMS). IROVF XG changes a Projector into a Dynamic HDR Movie Theater at home.

Super Slim - Super Flexible

Ultimate Ultra Fiber Optics & Kevlar Anti-Stretch

The IROVF XG 8K HDMI Cable is very slim, flexible and totally anti-stretch thanks to our built-in Multi-Kevlar fibers so it can be pullsed throuhg electrical or drywall conduits for any In-Wall installation. It is possible to upgrade any existing Home TV wiring to the IROVF Fiber Optic Cables simply attaching the actual old antenna wire to the IROVF Braided sleeve, then pull out the old cable so the IROVF will be automatically pullded in in minutes, upgrading your entire home entertainment distribution system to the very ultimate fiber optic 8k technology, without complicated things, as our IROVF " IS JUST A CABLE" that does it all.

Can Use Keystones Wall plates

Install In-Wall - Connect When you need

The IROVF XG cable is compatible with common Keystones Wall-plates to connect in-room TVs and devices with local short cables as needed. The IROVF XG can also connect direct without any Wall-Plate.

Any Size - Same Absolute Quality

Choose the Size You need - There is No Loss

Our Patented Ultra Fiber Cable works with future-proof ultimate laser fiber technology so the signals are converted to our ultra fiber optics which can runs miles without losing a single bit. Choose the size of IROVF that better suits your installation, as there is no loss in quality, in no cases.

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See the difference between our IROVF XG VIDEO & SOUND quality and all the other cables.
We personally guarantee you will see and hear the difference!

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