8K Entertainment Cable 150ft IROVF

⦿ Resolve CAT5/6/7/8 Copper Cables Speed Limits, LAG, BUFFERING Issues, No Good for modern 4K120Hz 8K TVs, Projectors, Gaming or Latest Home Theaters Systems.

⦿ Top CAT-8 Copper Cable Best Speed is 40gbps where 48gbps minimum is needed for the new 4K120 Gaming, HDMI 2.1, 4K Streaming TV with Dolby Atmos. No CatX copper cables can pass the new standard bandwidths. CATx cables & Extenders cannot Handle Full Quality uncompressed 4K120 8K HDMI 2.1 or ATMOS Sound, so audio video over CATx is compressed like a JPEG picture, losing the whole purpose of having a 8K TV or Gaming or New Modern Home Theater Systems.

⦿ This IROVF PRO Multi-Fiber-Optic Full Entertainment Cable is the Ideal One-Stop Solution to connect Any New 4K 8K Smart TV or Projectors or Home Theater New AV Receivers or Gaming Consolles such as PS5 XBOX-SX, with Full Uncompressed Zero-Buffering Zero-Lag Speeds on all signals, for perfect sound and video ORIGINAL QUALITY.

⦿ Ideal to connect each room to the AV Closet Rack Cabinet with Ultra-Speed modern performances, IMPOSSIBLE WITH Now-Old CLASSIC BALUNS or EXTENDERS or CAT5/6/7/8 Copper Cables.

⦿ True 48 Gigabit Video Speed for Uncompromised Video Quality which is impossible to obtain with classic Copper Wires where CAT8 max supports up to 40 Gigabit in best case scenarios.

⦿ Ideal ONE-CABLE solution to connect all Multimedia signals and Ethernet in each room.

⦿ Perfect to connect TVs Projectors, AV Receivers, Sound Bars, Subwoofers, Speakers, Multi-Screens, Gaming, IR Controls, all with eliminating the need of multiple coax and cat-x cables per each room saving time and costs.

⦿ Removable HDMI 2.1 connectors - Plug-In when cable is placed - Eliminating any risk to break them - No need to change the whole cable installation in case the connectors fail, simply replace the Plug-In removable connectors.

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irovf pro includes 24 fiber optics
irovf pro bundle included items
removable hdmi 2.1 fiber optic plugs
irovf pro 4 ports fiber optic gigabit ethernet switch

irovf pro package rear view
irovf pro tech specs

IROVF HDMI 4K 8K Fiber Optics Industry Recognitions:

Best Newest Entertainment Wiring Solution delivering Uncompressed Uncompromised quality!

irovf pro winner of best in show

Here's the AV Technology Judges quote on Fibercommand IROVF:

True uncompressed 8K experiences are achieved with fiber solutions. FIBERCOMMAND provides solutions to challenges integrators have struggled with for years as they look to transport a variety of signals within local environments

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